Getech Releases Globe 2020:
An Exploration Evolution Knowledgebase

By September 29, 2020 No Comments

Getech, provider of natural resources exploration data, software and expertise, has released Globe 2020: the latest version of the comprehensive geoscience knowledge-base that documents genetic conditions on the Earth’s surface, for every geologic period back to the Devonian.

Globe is used around the world by petroleum exploration geoscientists working for supermajors and independents, to better understand the factors that control hydrocarbon formation and preservation in both frontier and mature basins.

Latest enhancements within Globe 2020 include an extended stratigraphic range of data for the US Lower 48 that includes both the Devonian and Carboniferous periods, basin summary charts which provide a simple-to-understand and comprehensive view of selected basins around the North and South Atlantic and East African Margin and, in response to client-feedback, the inclusion of a completely overhauled global Digital Elevation Model to provide a more robust, consistent and geologically accurate dataset.

Alongside the additions to geoscience content, Globe 2020 development is mirroring the industry’s move from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro by including the first version of Globe for ArcGIS Pro.

Getech’s Head of GeoInformation Products, Dr. Andrew Quallington, explains the benefits that Globe customers will realise when using the latest version:

“With Globe 2020’s temporal expansion into the Devonian and Carboniferous, users working Lower 48 basins where unconventional hydrocarbon exploration is key, can now access detailed basin structural evolution, depositional environment distribution and drainage networks to assess the likely distribution of fine-grained lithologies.”

“Elsewhere, upgrading Globe’s Digital Elevation Model and palaeodrainage reconstructions via improved methodologies – including additional validation – has delivered a significantly enhanced global dataset, particularly in tectonically complex areas. With increased emphasis on source-to-sink relationships and sedimentary provenance in exploration, this gives Globe’s users an excellent platform on which to base interpretations, particularly when combined with our unique palaeosurface geology reconstructions.”

“Meanwhile, Globe 2020’s new Basin Summaries allow you to see the full stratigraphic and depositional character of an individual basin, as well as the key hydrocarbon elements. When combined with Globe 2020’s expanded catalogue of 2D gravity and magnetic profile models, enhanced Thermal Mapping, Depth-to-Basement and Crustal Architecture, Globe 2020 provides an unrivalled view of the Present Day configuration and character of sedimentary basins.”