Crustal Structure

The foundation for all geological analyses

Crustal architecture is the foundation on which all geological studies ultimately are constructed

The topography of the land, the bathymetry of the ocean, the production and flow of heat, structural response to tectonic forces, and the raw materials for generating sediments all depend on the structure of the crust. Getech’s industry leading data and analytics give you incomparable insight into crustal architecture.

High-resolution division of the Earth’s crust into elements of tectonic significance with rich attribution.

  • Nearly 7000 individual crustal units
  • 40 different crustal types derived from primary geophysical constraints, lithology interpretations, and structural and tectonic history.
  • Appearance and disappearance ages
  • Crustal thickness
  • 120+ Gravity and Magnetic 2D profiles
  • Includes oceanic isochrons derived from 100,000+ magnetic picks

All Globe layers rest directly or indirectly on crustal architecture

Every play element, from reservoir presence to hydrocarbon maturation, from trap timing to seal integrity, depends on the geologic and kinematic context set by crustal architecture; this is the starting point for your geological analysis.

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