Basin Evolution

The context for resource distribution

Basin evolution sets the context for depositional systems, thermal history, fluid flow, and many more processes that control resource distribution

Globe documents the changing size and shape of depositional basins as a function of plate tectonic processes, structural kinematics, and the documented distribution of sediment thickness and depositional environments.

Our dedicated team of experts ensures that every step in the basin history is consistent with global conditions during one time all around the Earth, and consistent from time to time at one place.

Track basin evolution with stage-level maps through the Permian, and summary basin history charts for dozens of the world’s most important basins.

Important features of sediment supply and depositional systems over time:

  • Structures and activity history
  • River mouths and drainage networks
  • Gross depositional environments
  • Source rock distribution
  • Total sediment fill
  • Atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns and tidal forces

Understand regional geological development over time for insights into the distribution of play elements and resource location.

Globe summarizes the most important genetic parameters with fine temporal and spatial resolution to give you the fundamental insights of basin evolution that find resources today.

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