Depth to Basement

Quantify sediment fill and basin extents using high quality G&M data and proven inversion methods

Our depth to basement solutions enable you to efficiently high-grade areas for hydrocarbon and geothermal prospectivity by helping unlock the integrated structural & tectonic history of a basin.

Depth to basement defines the extents of depo-centres and provides a key boundary condition for basin modelling. Our innovative methodologies help you:

  • Quantify total sediment thickness.
  • Define basement relief including troughs and sub basins.
  • Use 3D inversion of gravity and magnetic data.
  • Target cost-effective exploration campaigns.
  • Integrate your proprietary well and seismic data as constraints.
  • Invert for density/susceptibility variations and hence lateral compositional changes.

Getech has a long history at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative depth to basement methods.

  • Our data driven, integrated methodologies are scalable from local, detailed 3D inversion to global basin screening
  • Getech’s robust solutions are underpinned by our extensive, high quality gravity and magnetic data and our rigorously QC’d database of independent constraint data
  • Our deliverables are available as off the shelf solutions or as proprietary solutions incorporating your own constraint information
  • Our cost-effective solutions benefit both petroleum exploration and mineral exploration as well as geothermal and hydrogeological studies

Integrate your proprietary data into our robust, consistent regional framework and quickly target and de-risk future exploration programmes

  • Define the depth to basement and sediment thickness for all onshore and continental margin areas of the world
  • Improve your understanding of the crustal model (including Beta factor) and provide insights into basin evolution
  • Understand basement geometry and relief
  • Improve your understanding of the local thermal regime and provide vital constraint for source rock maturity modelling

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