Plate Modelling

The bridge from ancient to present day

Our industry-leading plate models put today’s observations in the proper paleo-context

Geological details on today’s Earth surface may be juxtaposed with unrelated features, or widely separated from genetically related points. Reconstruction of paleogeography is critical for understanding geological evolution of resource systems. Plate models connect present day spatial relationships with the original context.

Getech’s global plate models are also available to license via our Maptium Geodynamics product.

Integrate your own data with our interpretations, in ancient or present-day position.

  • Detailed plate polygons and reconstructions for all stages since the Permian (300 million years)
  • Plate model for major continental blocks and cratons back to Proterozoic (1.1 billion years)
  • Rotation parameters to generate reconstructions at any time in the last 1.1 billion years
  • GPlates and PaleoGIS format
  • Fully editable

Placing all the puzzle pieces in the right context improves interpretations and provides new insights

The power of Globe paleogeography and Earth Systems Modelling rests on accurate reconstructions of ancient plate positions, accounting for all available geophysical, structural, and geological information. You can use our maps as they are or add your own information.

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