Discover, develop and manage energy resources

Getech Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon Capture & Storage

Locate potential storage sites, model the sub-surface, and monitor operations.

Getech Mining

Critical Minerals

Locate new deposits, improve exploration success rates and manage operations.

Getech Geothermal


Understand how geology, infrastructure and demand combine to identify potential sites for operations.

Getech Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

Understand where assets are located and track status in real-time. Be prepared with plans for containment, evacuation and mitigation.

Getech Hyrodgen


Establishing a network of large-scale hydrogen generation, storage and refuelling hubs to support public and commercial transport fleets.

Getech Petroleum


Locate new resources, improve field management and ensure HSE compliance.

Getech Pipeline


Accelerate inspections, routing, and compliance with user-friendly workflows and dashboards.

Getech Renewables


Improve energy production, transmission, operations and stakeholder engagement.

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