Investment Case

Well positioned in a Rapidly Growing Market

  • $2.4 trillion global energy investment in 2022 +$1 trillion per annum required1
  • $180-220 billion anticipated investment in mining of critical minerals in 2022-20302
  • $1.2 trillion global investment into CCS to reach 4 billion tonnes per year capacity by 20353

Head start on Investment in Data and Relationships

  • 30 years of data collection, fine tuning analytics and building relationships
  • Blue chip clients: world’s leading energy and mineral resource companies
  • Loyal customers: 17 years longest-standing client

Unparalleled Intellectual and Human Capital

  • 400 million years of Earth’s evolution: geological, climatic, and oceanographic data
  • AI, machine learning and advanced analytics
  • Subsurface understanding and prediction
  • Extensive GIS capabilities

Diversification through various Monetisation Avenues

  • Subscription sales
  • Solutions
  • Selective asset participation

Experienced Team with strong track record of Project Execution

  • Decades of experience at large-cap companies like ExxonMobil and Shell
  • Proven success in developing SME’s

Investor Meet Company

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Investor Meet Company
  1. Source: Goldman Sachs
  2. Source: IEA
  3. Source: BCG