Finding subsurface resources vital for the world’s energy transition

The future is wholly dependent on a global transition towards energy from sustainable sources. At Getech we help to unlock the Earth’s subsurface potential, locating the essential energy and mineral resources needed for the world to decarbonise. We do this using AI-driven analytics, extensive GIS capabilities and market leading data.

Whether you operate in metals & mining, energy, geothermal, manufacturing or any industry that relies on energy resources to function, our data and expertise can significantly enhance your business performance.

With Getech’s assistance, you can:
• Accelerate the location of subsurface resources, such as metals, minerals, oil, gas, geothermal energy and sites for carbon storage
• De-risk exploration workflows
• Use geospatial technologies to enhance operational efficiencies
• Decarbonise your operations by replacing high-emission energy sources with low-carbon alternatives
• Secure your supply chain of essential mineral or energy resources

We provide actionable insights that deliver measurable value.

Getech Explore


Accelerate, de-risk, improve efficiency and lessen the environmental impact of your exploration.
We help locate metals, minerals, petroleum and geothermal energy all around the world, including new search spaces.

Getech Geothermal


Replace high-emission energy sources with low-carbon alternatives to meet your net-zero targets. Whether you wish to screen your operational sites to identify commercially viable solutions or secure your supply chain we can simplify and de-risk the process of resource exploration for you.

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