Helping you to decarbonise at scale

At Getech we recognise that there has never been more focus on the need to decarbonise operations.

After quick fixes and early wins you’re perhaps now wrestling with how to make further progress and a bigger impact to your net zero ambitions?


Learn more about how we can help you decarbonise at scale.

Find out more about how our Geothermal solutions can help you.

The answer could be below your feet…

We can help you decarbonise your operations in a practical way by unlocking the Earth’s subsurface potential.

Geothermal is a source of clean energy, available 24/7, that can provide either electricity or heat. We provide global screening and site-specific feasibility appraisal. We know where to find geothermal energy and we can advise on your best route to adopt and scale it.

Carbon sequestration is a proven technology of deep underground carbon storage, ensuring that large amounts of Scope 1 emissions never reach the atmosphere.We identify the ideal locations for carbon emissions to be stored, and how storage facilities evolve through time as your operations evolve. The ideal location for storing carbon might be directly below or near the CO2 generating facility.

Critical minerals are used in everything from batteries to electricity networks and are essential components for renewable power, electric vehicles and manufacturing. We locate natural resources so you can secure your supply chain. Through advanced analytics, AI and decades of data collection we identify the resource sweet spots, improve cost control and your ESG standards. You may also be able to benefit from local government incentives.

Subsurface energy storage helps close the gap between supply and demand. Excess energy can be stored after production underground for when you need it, saving you money, improving reliability and reducing environmental impacts. Our geoscience expertise and exclusive access to the world’s largest subsurface database means we can advise you on the type and most optimal energy storage solution for your business.

We understand the subsurface, so you don’t have to.

Watch our experts talk about tailored decarbonisation solutions for your operations.

Our Decarbonisation Solution applies our unique, best-in-class global geoscience information and analysis to rapidly screen your operational footprint for decarbonisation potential, whether your requirement is for a global portfolio analysis or a site-specific integrated optimisation.

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