G&M Services

Survey planning, QC, advanced processing and integrated geophysics interpretation

Industry leading expertise to help you maximise the value from your G&M data.

We help our customers in the hydrocarbons, mining and geothermal industries extract exploration insights from gravity and magnetic data at a variety of scales, with a long track record of developing and implementing new processing and interpretation techniques.

We will help you plan manage and quality control potential fields acquisition projects. Our independent advice helps ensure your contractor acquires the best possible results for your project aims and objectives.

Gain clear, meaningful and
realistic insights into the nature and the structure of the sub-surface.

  • Advanced processing to highlight subsurface trends
  • Structural mapping and delineations of crustal types
  • Modelling of ore bodies for mineral exploration
  • 2D and 3D modelling and inversion
  • Depth to basement analysis
  • Thermal mapping and heat flow analysis
  • Reprocessing and merging of legacy data sets
  • Survey planning, management and QC

A cost-effective way to further your understanding of subsurface geology and focus the next stages of your exploration.

  • Access and acquire the best possible, fit for purpose non-seismic data sets
  • Utilise depth to basement results from an innovative workflow using both gravity and magnetic 3D inversions to model source rock maturity
  • Effectively and efficiently high-grade areas for further exploration
  • Identify the locations and extent of target structures
  • Understand lateral compositional changes
  • Focused planning of seismic surveys to avoid wasted revenue
  • Focus your minerals exploration by understanding the depth and extent of your ore body
  • Understand the local thermal regime and Geothermal potential
  • Reinvigorate and maximise the value of legacy data sets

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