Exploration Analyst

Petroleum play, mineral & carbon storage assessment made easy

Make better exploration decisions by assessing basin, play & CCS prospectivity using industry best practice play based exploration (PBE) techniques.

Exploration Analyst is an extension to Esri’s ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro software for performing petroleum, mining and CCS favourability analysis; resource assessment; and block, lease and company ranking.

Exploration Analyst is designed specifically for oil and gas, minerals and CCS departments, providing essential tools for the energy resource exploration geoscientist.

Exploration Analyst is easy-to-use and data agnostic, allowing you to combine your in-house, vendor and public domain data together to get a better answer than your competition.

  • Create play chance maps to identify play fairways & sweet spots.
  • Create favourability maps for CCS aquifers and mineral exploration targets.
  • Validate play chance maps against well results.
  • Analyse basin/play activity and resources.
  • Estimate basin/play yet-to-find volumes.
  • Rapidly screen acreage to prioritise blocks/leases and assess competitor positions.

Benefit from decades of exploration experience by applying industry best practise energy resource assessment workflows.

Focus exploration at the play or aquifer level, rather than the prospect level, to discover previously unseen exploration opportunities.

Validate prospect probabilities and volumes against the spatial distribution of play chance, to ensure that you have risked your prospects and prospect portfolio correctly.

Improve communication between teams, disciplines, and management by presenting fully auditable results in summary reports and maps.

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