Geothermal Services

Understand the subsurface potential to power, heat or cool your operations and minimize your carbon footprint.

Access industry-leading geothermal expertise to assess the energy potential below your feet.

Perform global screening studies, location-specific feasibility evaluations and economic assessments, leveraging unique software, data and decades of petroleum industry track-record to make well informed investment decisions.

There are many geothermal technologies available, ranging from shallow to deep, and from open to closed. We are technology agnostic and thus provide independent advice.

We help you determine the best geothermal solutions that fits with your unique needs and the location specifics for your facilities.

Tailored to your specific objectives and project maturity, we provide:

  • Regional evaluations, using our Heat Seeker® solution, which is a global knowledge-base, built on our unique database and enables rapid screening of many locations by integrating above-ground and subsurface data and information.
  • Pre-feasibility studies, to prioritize sites through local evaluations against your specific energy needs.
  • Feasibility studies, in depth analysis of all available above and below ground information ahead of key investment decisions, such as drilling of a well.

Our Geothermal Services include:

  • Temperature evaluations: we determine the 3D distribution of temperature beneath the Earth’s surface using physics-based modelling and machine learning algorithms that run on temperature and heat flow measurements, geological observations, and rock properties derived from our geophysical data. The depth to required temperature is a key determinant of development costs.
  • Structure assessments: we use our geophysical data with advanced processing and interpretation techniques to map faults in the Earth’s crust and associated rock damage that may provide conduits for heat-bearing fluids. We compare the orientation of the faults and fractures to local stresses to evaluate whether they are open or closed to fluid flow.
  • Lithology determination: we use our global catalogue of geological mapping and subsurface structure to evaluate the background porosity and permeability of the geothermal reservoir, which is an important control on how efficiently geothermal heat can be extracted from the subsurface.
  • Recharge evaluation: we judge the ability of regional rain and snowfall to recharge the geothermal circulation using global climatologic data and local hydrologic observations. Some modes of geothermal development can deplete the fluids in the reservoir if recharge is not adequate.

We also provide techno-economic evaluations to determine the cost, revenue and other key economic and financial metrics that underpin decision making.

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