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Maptium® provides cost-effective access to Getech’s valuable geophysical, geological and commercial data in support of Energy Transition projects.

Modular approach – license only the content you need

Maptium G&M

  • Getech’s industry leading global gravity and magnetic grids
  • Bouguer & Isostatic Residual gravity anomalies
  • Total Magnetic Intensity & Reduced to Pole magnetic anomaly
  • Assorted G&M derivatives
Maptium G&M

Maptium Sed Cu

  • Global favourability maps for sedimentary copper potential
  • Individual favourability and source layers for 9 Permian stages:
    • Genetic environment
    • Copper source
    • Copper-transporting brines
    • Metal trap
    • Fluid circulation
  • Summary analysis for all genetic formation criteria across the Permian
Maptium Sed Cu

Maptium Geodynamics

  • Getech’s market-leading plate model and geodynamics expertise
  • Detailed model Present to 400 Ma
  • Summary model 400 Ma to 1.1 Ga
  • Downloadable in GPlates and PaleoGIS formats

Further modules in development – delivering access to market leading content and analysis from Getech and our partners.

Maptium Geodynamics

Cost-effective access to valuable content from Getech and selected partners.


  • Modular approach – get access the content of interest
  • Annual subscription – lower cost-of-entry


  • Query-able ‘view-only’ data hosted in the cloud
  • Browser-based GIS application – no training required
  • Add annotation & sketches – add your interpretation
  • Export & print views – share with your colleagues

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