Depositional Systems

Nature’s supply chain for reservoir, source, and seal

Image courtesy of NASA

Sediment generation, transport, and deposition are linked across time and space.

Understand sediment-supply systems from the weathering of provenance lithotypes in the hinterland, through fluvial transport networks, tidal redistribution, transport by ocean currents, and gravity flows down slopes in order to evaluate the risk for reservoir, source and seal.

Source to sink documentation of the physical environments and forces that control sediment distribution.

  • Drainage basin outlines
  • Palaeosurface geology
  • Palaeo digital elevation models (DEMs)
  • Quantitative sediment-delivery estimates
  • Gross depositional environments
  • Tidal forces and ocean currents
  • Quantitative bathymetry

Improve your understanding of play element risk through depositional system insight

The spatial distribution of reservoir, source, and seal depends on the sediments that form the play elements. If you know how the sediments got there, you have a leg up on quantifying risk.

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