Heat Seeker

A versatile solution to find attractive locations for geothermal projects

Rapidly high-grade potential geothermal sites.

Heat Seeker® uses advanced GIS workflows and machine learning in integrating geophysical, geological, commercial and social data to create favourability maps of geothermal suitability.

Gain early project focus to save time, increase profit-margins, and reduce pay-back times for geothermal projects.

Visualise and analyse key geothermal siting factors.

Create geothermal suitability maps at country, regional and local scales:

  • Temperature at depth
  • Surface heat flow & temperature
  • Tectonism
  • Structure
  • Infrastructure & transport
  • Socio-economic market (e.g. power & heat demand)
Getech Heat Seeker

Access world-class geothermal, geoscience and GIS expertise.

  • Understand the geological risk and reward associated with heat flow, fluid flow, and resource size.
  • Identify up-scaling potential
  • Bring your data to life on digital maps and spatial visualisations.
  • Engage stakeholders and support decision makers with location-based insights.

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