Earth’s Evolution Unlocked for Better Exploration

Understand how the evolution of the planet has controlled the location of natural resources, so you can find them today

Globe is a geoscience knowledge-base for ArcGIS that helps you understand earth’s geological evolution to better predict the location of its natural resources.

Globe documents the evolution of geology and structures, tectonics and climate at a fine spatial and temporal resolution for the last 400 million years.

Globe is built sequentially upon fundamental observations, with rigorous validation against primary data.

  • Structures at 1:1M, with activation histories, detailed crustal architecture, plate boundaries, and thermal structure from industry-leading geopotential data, satellite imagery, seismic interpretation, and thermal measurements.
  • Bespoke plate model from rigorously quality-controlled database of magnetic picks, isochrons, and rotation poles.
  • Paleogeography, including quantitative elevation & bathymetry, detailed drainage networks, and Gross Depositional Environments, based on geodynamics and constrained by an expansive lithology database.
  • Earth Systems Modelling based on our palaeogeographies, including atmospheric & oceanographic circulation plus global climate, simulated with the Hadley CM3 General Circulation Model at the University of Bristol.

De-risk your exploration plays with an in-depth understanding of geological evolution.

Understand the distribution of play elements in space and time:

  • Source, reservoir, and seal in hydrocarbon exploration.
  • Radiogenic heat production, temperature-depth structure, and fault distribution in geothermal exploration.
  • Plutonism, hydrothermal system development, and sedimentary systems for porphyry and sediment-hosted metal exploration.

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