Minerals Exploration Services

Leverage global data in a Mineral Systems approach to target generation

Global geologic data with a track record of resource exploration.

Getech has amassed an extensive database of geological observations and interpretations over more than three decades which has been successfully applied to natural resource exploration applications worldwide.

These data exist for each geological age for every point on the earth. Using a Mineral Systems approach, Getech has developed an algorithm wherein an assessment is made for any given location and age of all genetic factors that could result in the formation of a given mineral deposit.

Revolutionize your exploration success rates.

  • Getech’s critical minerals analysis has been shown to be effective globally for a wide range of deposit types.
  • Workflows established for IOCG, sedimentary hosted copper, epithermal gold, lithium, natural hydrogen and others.
  • Analysis can be performed for a specific deposit target age or for a range of ages.
  • Getech data can be combined with complementary data from clients to enhance the efficacy and detail of the mineral systems analysis.
  • Target deliverables are provided in consultation with clients to refine geological and environmental criteria for a given area and age to ensure the highest level of targeting certainty.
  • Play maps and genetic criteria maps are provided in industry standard GIS formats.
  • Genetic criteria for various deposit types are presented as individual maps with pixels no larger than 0.5 degrees.
  • In addition to mineral systems play maps, surface layers such as infrastructure, sovereign risk and cover thickness can be provided for use in more effectively filtering target areas.
Getetch Mineral Exploration Services Globe

A proven approach to improve exploration success rates.

  1. Genetic criteria for deposit type are determined using latest ore deposit research.
  2. Thousands of data layers are searched to find proxies that represent genetic criteria (e.g. rock type, total organic carbon (reductant), highstand-lowstand, regional stress field, palaeoclimate, palaeotopography).
  3. A ‘play map’ is constructed indicating co-location of positive genetic conditions across a study area to generate regional exploration targets.
  4. Play map is validated against known deposits, and iterated.

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