Play Based Exploration

Focus exploration at the play level, rather than the prospect level, to discover previously unseen exploration opportunities.

Make better exploration decisions by assessing basin and play prospectivity using consistent global datasets and industry best practice play fairway assessment techniques

Understand the petroleum system of a basin by identifying, mapping and quantifying key play elements to assess the most prospective plays.

Validate prospect probabilities and volumes against the spatial distribution of play chance, to ensure that you have risked your prospects and prospect portfolio correctly.

Exploration Analyst is an easy-to-use extension to ArcGIS, allowing you to combine your in-house, vendor and public domain data together to get a better answer than your competition.

  • Create play chance maps to identify play fairways & sweet spots.
  • Validate play chance maps against well results.
  • Analyse basin/play activity and resources.
  • Estimate basin/play yet-to-find volumes.
  • Rapidly screen acreage to prioritise blocks/leases and assess competitor positions.

Globe is a geoscience knowledge-base for ArcGIS that helps you understand earth’s geological evolution to better predict the location of its natural resources.

  • Geological structures mapped at 1:1M with activation histories and detailed crustal architecture
  • Paleogeography interpretation, including quantitative elevation/bathymetry and detailed drainage networks
  • Gross Depositional Environment maps based on geodynamics and constrained by an expansive lithology database.
  • Earth Systems Model including atmospheric & oceanographic circulation and global climate.
  • Lithofacies prediction (reservoir, source, and seal) as a function of the Earth Systems Models.

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