Gravity and Magnetic Training

Understand how to use G&M data as essential components in an integrated geoscience project

Customise delivery method and content based on your specific requirements.

From single 1-day module to a comprehensive 4-day course, the programme is geared towards geoscientists and explorationists who need to use conventional gravity, gradiometry and magnetic data within their projects.

Flexible delivery includes options for classroom-based instructor-led training to remote online delivery.


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Features hands-on exercises and industry cases studies to help you develop your G&M skills and knowledge.

  • Choose the correct data or acquisition programme to suit your requirements
  • Understand the links between geology and gravity and magnetic responses
  • Use gravity and magnetic data to create advanced derivatives to address specifics problems
  • Identify and map structural lineaments from the data
  • Develop useful 2D gravity and/or magnetic models and understand the process of 3D inversion
  • Build awareness of the use of gravity and magnetic data at a variety of scales and in different industry sectors
Gravity Magnetics Training

Learn how to apply the techniques learnt in a balanced, integrated exploration workflow.

  • Make more efficient use of time in data rooms by recognising and understanding common representations of gravity and magnetic maps
  • Be able to plan and commission an appropriate survey tailored for specific needs
  • Confidently use amplitude and phase derivatives and transforms and filtering
  • Enhance the skill sets in your organisation
  • Be able effectively commission and critically evaluate contractor contributions
  • Learn how to effectively integrate gravity and magnetic data into your hydrocarbon, minerals and geothermal exploration projects

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