Palaeo Climate

A fundamental control on Earth-surface processes and the key to unlocking today’s distribution of play elements

Climate simulations from a leading academic General Circulation Model illuminate ancient play element distribution

The temperature and wetness of the Earth’s surface determine levels of physical, chemical, and biological activity, which control sediment generation and organic productivity. Circulation in the atmosphere and ocean distribute water, sediments, and nutrients across the land surface and in the oceans.

Use our algorithms or your own to predict organic facies distribution, reservoir presence & quality, and seal adequacy

  • Upwelling, primary productivity, oxygen levels
  • Source richness
  • Drainage networks and sediment yield
  • Tidal bed shear stress
  • Ocean currents

De-risk exploration, development or production by understanding the genetics of your system

No matter what the scale of analysis, there will always be gaps on your maps where observations or analogues are missing. Environmental context, including climate and sediment supply systems, helps you to fill in the gaps based on science and understanding rather than guesswork or hope.

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