Business Model

Getech’s business model is to locate the essential energy and mineral resources needed for the world to decarbonise.

Our strategy focuses on monetising our proprietary data and expertise through subscription sales, solutions and selective geoenergy asset development.

Blending unique earth science data with advanced analytics and AI, we locate essential energy transition resources.

Our clients include government authorities, blue-chip energy companies, metals & mining companies, consumer goods and any other company looking to decarbonise.

We continue to focus on growing and diversifying our revenue streams, while continuing to invest in research and development to ensure that our products and services remain at the forefront of the industry – allowing us to provide the best solutions for our clients as they navigate the energy transition.

There is no line of business that will remain unaffected by climate or energy challenges and Getech is well-positioned to assist, delivering transformational growth in shareholder value.


  • Transitional petroleum
  • Critical minerals
  • Geothermal

Energy, mining and clean technology companies


  • Renewable heat
  • Hard to abate emissions
  • Supply chain security

Organisations need to reduce Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Asset owners

  • Renewable heat
  • Carbon storage
  • Green-hydrogen/Energy storage

Partnering with leading technology and project developers

Getech Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen

Developing own network of green hydrogen hubs

Getech Geothermal


Identifying and developing geothermal projects using geoscience and geospatial capabilities

Getech Critical Minerals

Critical Minerals

Analysing location & economic concentration of minerals critical to the energy transition

Getech Transitional Petroleum, Carbon Capture & Storage

Transitional Petroleum, Carbon Capture & Storage

Identifying highest value hydrocarbons with lowest carbon footprint; developing integrated CCS solutions

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