Business Model

Getech’s business model is to locate, develop and operate geoenergy and green hydrogen assets.

It is positioned to maximise the value of our unique offering and to deliver transformational growth in shareholder value.


  • Energy & natural resources assets
  • Energy needs
  • Unique IP – products, technology skills

Trusted Partner


  • Building strategic partnership
  • Portfolio approach
  • Repeatable and scable globally

Transformative Value


  • Management fee
  • Minority interests

Recurring Revenue

Getech Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen

Developing own network of green hydrogen hubs

Getech Geothermal


Identifying and developing geothermal projects using geoscience and geospatial capabilities

Getech Critical Minerals

Critical Minerals

Analysing location & economic concentration of minerals critical to the energy transition

Getech Transitional Petroleum, Carbon Capture & Storage

Transitional Petroleum, Carbon Capture & Storage

Identifying highest value hydrocarbons with lowest carbon footprint; developing integrated CCS solutions

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