Understand how the evolution of the planet has controlled the location of natural resources, so you can find them today

Globe is a geoscience knowledge-base that reaches back through three hundred million years to provide the evidence that modern day exploration decisions need.

The knowledge in Globe is underpinned by an industry-leading structural framework and cutting-edge geoscience

  • Interrogate a fully validated plate model

  • Explore high resolution structures with activation histories

  • Traverse 58 consecutive time-slices over 300 million years

  • Integrate your own exploration data

  • Get training from skilled and industry-experienced Getech staff

  • Visualise using ArcGIS Desktop or through a web-based application

De-risk your exploration plays with an in-depth understanding of the presence and quality of source rocks and reservoirs.

Globe Earth System Modelling extends the power of Globe through climate, tide and lithofacies prediction models; physical factors that influence your play fairway analysis.

Globe Earth System Modelling provides answers to exploration questions by creating insight into depositional systems and source, reservoir and seal play elements.

These unique models are built on the Globe palaeogeographic reconstructions and digital terrain models to provide better predictions of natural resources locations.

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