Carbon Sequestration Services

Understand surface and sub-surface factors to optimize your carbon storage projects

Access industry-leading end-to-end geoscience services for safe and effective carbon sequestration.

Perform regional analysis, location specific studies and site monitoring, leveraging unique software, data and decades of petroleum industry track-record to make well informed decisions.

Solutions and assistance are available for any type of geological store, including saline aquifers, depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs, EOR and ultramafic opportunities.

We work for carbon emitters, regulators and integrated CCS solution providers, enabling informed and simplified decision making across the carbon storage lifecycle.

Tailored to your specific objectives, data availability and project maturity, we can:

  • Identify optimal storage locations through regional screening and common risk segment mapping, by integrating above-ground and subsurface data and information.
  • Rank sites through in-depth local evaluations against your specific prioritization criteria.
  • Support regulatory planning applications, such as for USA Class VI permits.
  • Provide subsurface expertise throughout measure-monitor-verify phases to validate that injected CO2 remains safe and secure.
Getech Carbon Sequestration Services Screen

Our integrated Carbon Sequestration Services include the following activities:

  • Reservoir quality analysis incorporating Getech’s leading geoscience information and data products integrating available well data, with emphasis on past and future diagenetic processes.
  • Multiphysics interpretation combining gravity, magnetics, seismic and electromagnetic data for preliminary investigation, site characterisation, injection phase monitoring and post injection site care.
  • Seal assessment, distribution and quality mapping and utilization of Getech’s geoscience information products to predict high-quality sealing formations.
  • Structural geology, assessment of faulting and potential CO2 leak points utilizing Getech’s geoscience information products and potential fields data, plus the likelihood, causality and mitigation strategies for micro-seismicity.
  • Pressure and temperature data interrogation for CO2 phase and trap capacity, combined with geospatial analysis.
  • Volume assessment – probabilistic and deterministic volumetric scenarios for prospective storage resources, aligned with the SPE Storage Resources Management System.
  • Data visualisation through industry leading geospatial skills and software providing unrivalled data analysis and mapping of opportunities.

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