Tectonics Online

Gain understanding with Getech’s latest tectonics and geodynamics expertise, analysis and knowledge

Access a regularly updated tectonic model via a secure, online information portal from multiple devices and gain a deep understanding of how global and regional changes have influenced your areas of interest.

Tectonics Online can be used in conjunction with the full suite of Getech exploration products to provide an unparalleled level of geological insight.

Download the Tectonics Online PDF

Access to the secure platform, which can be done from multiple devices, provides a host of beneficial features:

  • Regularly update content from our expert team

  • Simply integrate your own data and customise the model

  • Tectonic evolution summaries show how prospect areas have been influenced

  • Permian to present rigid, kinematic plate model detailing the evolution of over 700 geological terranes

  • Step-by-step tutorials support you at every step

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