Source to Sink of the Eastern Mediterranean

Large gas discoveries in sub-salt Lower Miocene reservoirs (for example, in the Aphrodite, Leviathan and Tamar Fields) and ongoing licensing opportunities in the eastern Mediterranean (particularly the Levant Basin) have recently focussed the industry’s attention on the region.

To aid companies assessing this area, Getech’s Source to Sink of the Eastern Mediterranean examines the role of evolving hinterland, climate and drainage on clastic reservoir distribution and quality in the region.

This Regional Report answers the principal question: what is the source, character and timing of clastics filling the Levant Basin?

Source to Sink Study of the Eastern Mediterranean area of interest“…examines the role of evolving hinterland, climate and drainage on clastic reservoir distribution and quality…”

High pass filter of topography for Cyprus


  • 486 page report with 352 figures and tables
  • Earth system events chart
  • An ArcGIS™ mxd project and geodatabase v10.x (earlier versions available on request)

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This Regional Report investigates…

…the distribution, evolution and impact of Cenozoic drainage systems.

…if the Nile or other systems are the main source of clastics to the Levant Basin.

…changes to the main ocean current directions in the eastern Mediterranean.

…why the pre-salt reservoirs are more prolific than the post-salt ones.

…how climate has affected clastic flux.

…how the Messinian sea-level drawdown affected sediment supply.

Report Contents

  • Executive Summary and Introduction
  • Regional Geology
  • Landscape and Drainage Analysis
    • Nile
    • Israel
    • Lebanon
    • Cyprus
    • Sinai
    • Southern Turkey and Western Syria
  • Synthesis
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography and Appendices

ArcGIS™ Contents

  • Cultural data
  • Palaeodrainage trends
  • Topographic cross-section locations hyperlinked to PDFs
  • Stream networks derived from processed SRTM digital elevation model (DEM) data*
  • Drainage networks derived from processed SRTM DEM data*
  • High-pass filter of SRTM DEM data*
  • Low-pass filter of SRTM30 DEM data
  • Topography and bathymetry

* SRTM3 used for the core area of interest, and SRTM30 for the remainder of the Nile drainage system.

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