Geodynamics and Petroleum Geology of the Western Bay of Bengal

This report will enhance your understanding of the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the marginal basins of Bangladesh, eastern India and Sri Lanka.

Getech’s unique global gravity and magnetic data and our Structure and Tectonics of Southern Asia Regional Report form the basis for the mapping of eight critical palaeogeographic maps. These, when combined with an analysis of Present Day drainage, enable a review of the landscape evolution and likely effects on sediment dispersal.

The report also contains a review of the geochemical literature, new geochemical modelling, a synthesis of the stratigraphic framework and a basin-by-basin petroleum systems review; all of these features have been used to generate new insights into the petroleum systems of the western Bay of Bengal.

Geodynamics and Petroleum Geology of the Western Bay of Bengal area of interest

“…new insights into the petroleum systems of the western Bay of Bengal.”

Palaeolandscape example from Getech's Geodynmaics and Petroleum Geology of the Western Bay of Bengal


  • 956 page report with 635 figures and tables (hardcopy and PDF)
  • Five enclosures (PDF)
  • ArcGIS™ projects for each of the eight timeslices plus one for the Present Day
  • Geochemical model inputs

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This Regional Report investigates…

…how structural trends in the Indian Shield have influenced Gondwana’s breakup.

…the nature of the 85°E Ridge and the impact of this on plate modelling.

…drainage evolution during the collision of the Indian and Eurasian Plates.

…the nature of Jurassic source rocks in the Cauvery Basin.

…why successes in the Krishna-Godavari Basin have not been replicated elsewhere.

…the depocentre evolution within the Bengal Fan Basin.

Report Contents

  • Executive Summary and Introduction
  • Structure and Tectonics
  • Palaeogeography:
    • Artinskian
    • Tithonian
    • Aptian
    • Campanian
    • Thanetian
    • Lutetian
    • Chattian
    • Serravallian
  • Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoceanography
  • Drainage and Landscape Analysis
  • Petroleum Geochemistry, including 23 1D geochemical models
  • Petroleum System Evaluation:
    • Bengal Basin
    • Mahanadi Basin
    • Krishna-Godavari Basin
    • Cauvery Basin
    • Mannar Basin
  • Conclusions and Appendices

ArcGIS™ Contents

Present Day:

  • Cultural data
  • Well, field and block data
  • Locations of published line and point data used in the report
  • 24 chronostratigraphic profile, cross-section and play cartoon locations hyperlinked to PDFs
  • Structural elements and plate polygons
  • Sedimentary basins and sub-basinal features
  • 23 1D geochemical models hyperlinked to PDFs
  • Maps illustrating geochemical modelling results
  • Isopachs and other sedimentary features
  • Images of gravity and magnetic data
  • Rivers and drainage basins
  • Topography and bathymetry

For each timeslice (Artinskian, Tithonian, Aptian, Campanian, Thanetian, Lutetian, Chattian and Serravallian):

  • Rotated cultural data
  • Rotated structural elements and plate polygons
  • Rotated published line and point data pertinent to the timeslice
  • Palaeorivers and lakes
  • Palaeotectonostratigraphic terrains and palaeogross depositional environments
  • Modelled palaeotopography and palaeobathymetry

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