Petroleum Systems Analysis

Petroleum Systems Analysis at Getech comprises a comprehensive integration of diverse workflows in order to better understand the evolution and petroleum geology of any basin. This includes the maturation and expulsion histories of proven and potential source rocks, which is key to understanding the hydrocarbon prospectivity of an area.

Getech’s Petroleum Systems Analysis workflow is supported by a comprehensive catalogue of data, and benefits from access to Getech’s Globe library of tectonic, palaeogeographic and palaeoclimate information. Our aim in undertaking Petroleum Systems Analysis is not just to determine if and when source rocks expel, but to investigate the system as a whole, whilst taking into account those factors that may affect any part of the petroleum system.

Examples of outputs from Getech’s Petroleum Systems Analysis workflow

Examples of outputs from Getech’s Petroleum Systems Analysis workflow

Getech’s Regional Heat Flow Models are based on a ‘base lithosphere’ constrained approach, supported by our in-house Crustal Architecture and Depth to Basement models. Using this we can build an understanding of lithospheric evolution over time, and how this might affect heat flow mechanisms and temperature gradients within the basin. We are currently also completing a new database of Present Day Global Heat Flow Data.

There many inputs for any basin modelling analysis, and these are not always available. However, a meaningful and useful result can be drawn from modelling with very little data, as well as modelling in data-rich scenarios. In all instances, we can draw on our knowledge from Globe to support our understanding of the spatial and temporal evolution of depositional relationships, bathymetry and elevation, plate movements and tectonics.  In areas where we have very little constraint data it is important that we investigate and present a number of scenarios so that we can account for a number of possibilities.

The beauty of our workflow is that it is scalable so it is possible to undertake detailed work on a block scale, or to achieve a comprehensive regional evaluation of the petroleum system.

The results of our modelling are presented in a user-friendly format, which can be easily incorporated into existing datasets.

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