Exprodat, GIS experts for the energy sector, has released an enhanced version of its popular Unconventionals Analyst software used by oil and gas operators and investors to gain a significant competitive advantage in the onshore unconventionals petroleum sector.

Unconventionals Analyst v3.1 is an extension for Esri’s powerful desktop GIS application ArcGIS Pro, that provides a host of tools for geoscientists and reservoir engineers to better manage shale oil and gas, coal bed methane and tight sand plays.

Building on the functionality of previous versions, Unconventionals Analyst v3.1 includes the key capability to interactively generate gun barrel plots across key wells and geological intervals – a common business challenge for operators planning infill drilling campaigns. Customization options allow easy replication and standardization, greatly increasing communication insights.

To enhance a user’s inventory planning even further, Unconventionals Analyst v3.1 can automate the creation of drill spacing units, creating accurate inventory-ready DSUs in minutes. Also new in this release is a tool to calculate the working interest of multiple wells at the same time based on lease data, eliminating the need to calculate each one separately.

Exprodat’s GIS Software Product Manager, Richard Webb, explains more about the enhancements within this latest Unconventionals Analyst software release and what it means for shale operators and investors: “The latest version of Unconventionals Analyst for ArcGIS Pro contains important innovations in support of key well analysis, inventory planning and well data enrichment for onshore shale operations.

Its gun barrel tool allows you to interactively draw a cross-section line across your key wells, analyzing spacing between wells and benches and giving you a better understanding of the relationships between production data, well spacing and stratigraphic intervals. While the automated DSU creation tool allows you to quickly take a set of wells and create inventory-ready drill spacing units. All these features are designed to eliminate the leg-work so that you can spend more time unleashing your creativity.”

Further to a host of functionality enhancements, Unconventionals Analyst v3.1 has also been designed with performance improvements under-the-hood. One key improvement sees new coding methods improving the background processing speeds–enabling the user to get results even quicker than before, supporting better iteration and improved results.

To learn more about how Unconventionals Analyst v3.1 can improve your unconventionals operations workflows and to request a demonstration of the software, please visit: https://getech.com/getech-explore/products/technology/unconventionals-analyst/