Global Depth-to-Basement Study

Getech’s Global Depth-to-Basement Study uses an integrated gravity and magnetic analysis approach to generate new global depth-to-basement and sediment thickness maps.

Depth-to-basement and sediment thickness estimations are important for the New Ventures explorationist as they help to both identify potentially productive sedimentary basin areas, and to map their extents. In addition, on a basin scale, a depth-to-basement map will provide vital constraint for source rock maturity modelling and for understanding the local thermal regime in both conventional and unconventional exploration settings.

In early 2014, we embarked on a major 18-month study to generate a global depth-to-basement map of the world’s hydrocarbon basins based on our global gravity and magnetic databases, with control from published reports, cross sections, seismic lines and wells.

The results should be considered as a first-pass screening for unknown or hidden sedimentary basins.

The Datasets

We are using the best gravity and magnetic datasets available; however, there is a wide variation in their quality, coverage and resolution.


Our terrestrial continental datasets covering Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Southeast Asia are augmented with our Trident satellite gravity data over marine areas, and public domain datasets covering Australia and Canada.


Global gravity coverage.


Our global magnetic dataset incorporates our many continental-scale compilations, country specific datasets, over eight million line kilometres of reprocessed ship-track profile data, and public domain compilations.


Global magnetic coverage.

Supporting datasets include:

  • A comprehensive literature review, which supplies a knowledge database of published seismic data and well Tilt Depth information that, in turn, both provide constraints on and validation of the depth-to-basement results.
  • Our global structures and global surface geology databases.
  • Our global continental margin bathymetry database.


global depth to basement workflow

Key Deliverables

  • 5 km grids of depth-to-basement, sediment thickness, depth-to-Moho and crustal thickness
  • ArcGIS™ project
  • Confidence polygons
  • Technical report containing a discussion of the methodologies and results

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