South Atlantic

This extensive Regional Report describes the implications of the tectonics and hinterland evolution on the petroleum potential of the region.

Getech’s unique gravity and magnetic databases are used to generate a structural and tectonic framework and crustal architecture. A new plate model provides the basis for series of key palaeogeographic reconstructions. Landscape and drainage analyses describe the transport of sediment supply through time. The tectonostratigraphic evolution of the margin provides answers to the key issues of source, reservoir, seal presence, quality and maturation history.

Recent updates include 1D basin modelling to enhance the understanding of source rock maturity in the following key basins: Gabon, Kwanza, Benguela and Namibe. This has been integrated with new work for identified plays within each of these basins, including (where possible), gross depositional environment (GDE) maps for reservoir, source and seal elements, play cartoons and play distribution maps.

This report provides an enhanced foundation on which to build detailed play fairway evaluations.

Getech's South Atlantic: 2014 area of interest“…while being a detailed report of the region itself, the interpretations contained within the report are framed within a truly global consideration of tectonic and landscape evolution.”



  • 183 technical reports in PDF format describing the data, methodologies and results
  • An ArcGIS™ mxd project and geodatabase v10.x (earlier versions available on request)
  • Digital plate model (GPlates and PaleoGIS formats)

All products supplied subject to our standard Licence Agreement (available on request).


The report follows tested methodologies incorporating:

  • Geological Framework – based on Getech’s unique gravity and magnetic databases, SRTM topography and Landsat-7 imagery.
  • Crustal Architecture – identification of crustal types and boundaries, 2D gravity and magnetic modelling, depth-to-basement and depth-to-Moho maps (and thus sediment and crustal thickness maps).
  • Plate Tectonic Modelling – built within the framework of Getech’s Global Plate Model.
  • Palaeogeographic Mapping – tectonophysiographic terranes, depositional environments, palaeotopography and palaeobathymetry maps for up to 13 key timeslices.
  • Palaeodrainage and Landscape Analysis – drainage basin geometry and evolution.
  • Petroleum Systems Analysis – basin-by-basin review of the tectonostratigraphy, and each proven and potential element of the petroleum systems. Source rock evaluations include burial history and maturity modelling, and correlation with known hydrocarbons.

The Structural Framework, Crustal Architecture and Plate Tectonic Modelling components of each report may be licensed as a separate Tectonic Evolution report.

 Key Deliverables

  • Images of gravity and magnetic data
  • Fully attributed structural framework with activation histories based on gravity, magnetic, SRTM and Landsat data
  • Crustal architecture definitions
  • 2D gravity and magnetic profile models
  • Depth-to-basement, sediment and crustal thickness, and beta factor maps and grids
  • New regional plate models available in PaleoGIS and GPlates formats
  • Reference database of published maps, point data, reports and profile lines
  • 13 palaeogeographic reconstructions
  • Geochemical modelling
  • Basin-by-basin review of the petroleum systems
  • A series of technical reports in PDF format and also attached as documents within ArcGIS™ mxds, describing the data, methodologies and results

Report Contents

  • Executive Summary and Introduction
  • Data and Methods
  • Geological Framework
  • Crustal Architecture
  • Plate Modelling
  • Palaeogeographic Mapping
    • Middle Miocene (Serravallian)
    • Late Oligocene (Chattian)
    • Early Eocene (Ypresian)
    • Maastrichtian
    • Campanian
    • Turonian
    • Cenomanian
    • Albian
    • Late Aptian
    • Early Aptian
    • Barremian
    • Berriasian
    • Tithonian
  • Drainage and Landscape Analysis
  • Petroleum Systems Analysis
    •  African basins:
      • Anambra
      • Niger Delta
      • Cameroon
      • Rio Muni
      • Gabon
      • Lower Congo
      • Congo Fan
      • Kwanza
      • Namibe
      • Walvis
      • Luderitz
      • Orange
    • South American basins:
      • Sergipe-Alagoas
      • Reconcavo
      • Camamu-Almada
      • Jequitinhonha
      • Cumuruxatiba
      • Espirito Santo
      • Campos
      • Santos
      • Pelotas
      • Salado
      • Colorado
      • Valdez
      • Rawson
      • San Jorge
      • San Julian
      • Magallanes
      • Malvinas
      • North Falkland
  • Appendices

ArcGIS™ Contents

Present Day:

  • Cultural data
  • Sedimentary basins
  • Seismicity and volcanoes
  • 225 reference map footprints
  • 593 reference lines
  • Images of gravity and magnetic data, derivatives and transforms
  • Grids and images of depth-to-basement and crustal thickness
  • 47 2D gravity and magnetic profiles hyperlinked to PDFs
  • Structures, plate polygons and crustal architecture
  • 11 chronostratigraphic profiles hyperlinked to PDFs
  • 8 1D geochemical models hyperlinked to PDFs
  • 84 drainage basins hyperlinked to PDFS
  • Topography and bathymetry

For each timeslice (Middle Miocene (Serravallian), Late Oligocene (Chattian), Early Eocene (Ypresian), Maastrichtian, Campanian, Turonian, Cenomanian, Albian, Late Aptian, Early Aptian,  Barremian, Berriasian, Tithonian):

  • Rotated cultural data
  • Rotated wells and data points
  • Rotated structural elements and plate polygons
  • Palaeorivers
  • Mapping confidence polygons with linked PDFs of timeslice-specific regional text summaries
  • Palaeotectonostratigraphic terrains and palaeogross depositional environments
  • Modelled palaeotopography and palaeobathymetry
  • Palaeogeographies, palaeotopography and palaeorivers rotated to Present Day

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