Temperature-Depth Maps

Rapidly screen geothermal sources with subsurface temperature prediction maps

Understand crustal scale temperature depth variations to identify areas of high geothermal potential

Our global temperature-depth maps – based on cutting-edge thermal modelling – help you better predict subsurface heat conditions.

Designed and developed for geothermal exploration groups searching for regions of heat or electricity generation potential, these easy-to-use maps highlight areas with elevated geothermal gradients and heat.

Underpinned by industry-leading geophysics expertise.

  • Underpinned by Getech’s G&M data, Depth to Basement, global Curie Isotherm and extensive heat flow database
  • View and interrogate global Depth-to-Temperature maps for any required temperature
  • Interrogate global Temperature-at-Depth maps for any required depth
  • Provide inputs for drilling cost estimations for geothermal exploration
  • Integrate with your own in-house data to refine modelling
  • Create thermal profiles for any location, globally
  • Get training from skilled and industry experienced Getech staff

Integrate with Globe’s earth model for greater insight.

Our Temperature-Depth Maps extend the power of the Globe knowledge-base by adding temperature-depth prediction to depositional factors that influence your geothermal system.

Globe’s unique earth model provides palaeogeographic reconstructions, digital terrain models and source-to-sink analyses to help you better predict the geologic conditions in your area of interest.

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