Green Hydrogen

During 2021, Getech completed our first direct asset investment – purchasing a company working on developing green hydrogen networks of production, storage, and distribution facilities to decarbonise commercial transport.

Since the acquisition, we have strengthened and advanced our hydrogen activities by leveraging Getech’s core geospatial analytical capabilities, and building streams of excellence in facility design, project management, economic modelling, and business development.

Drawing on our collective experience in developing energy assets, we have deployed a rigorous project maturation process to identify the optimum investment opportunities with maximum capital efficiency and impact.

These steps resulted in us signing milestone strategic alliances with several industry and government partners – including SGN, Eversholt Rail, Shoreham Port and the Highland Council – and securing exclusivity across a wide portfolio of hub locations. We now hold a compelling position in the emergent green hydrogen project pipeline.

Inverness Project

Under the agreement with the Highland Council, we are working to establish a world-class regional green hydrogen network in the Scottish Highlands. At the core of this network is a hydrogen hub with SGN in Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands.

The Inverness site will supply green hydrogen to large-volume commercial transport customers, such as trains, buses, trucks and heavy goods vehicles. In line with these goals, we secured agreements with Eversholt Rail to facilitate the wide-scale deployment of their hydrogen-powered trains on the Far North and West Highland Lines of Scotland.

Our activities, combined with the Highland Council decarbonisation initiatives, are set to establish the Scottish Highlands as a leading UK centre for decarbonisation and innovation – supporting job creation, energy security and providing a sustainable path for the region’s net zero transition.

Shoreham Port Project

At the other end of the country, we have entered the port and maritime energy sector – securing exclusive development rights for hydrogen, renewable energy, and ammonia importation at Shoreham Port in West Sussex to create a Green Energy Hub.

We have been working with our strategic partner Shoreham Port on the phase 1 development plan for onsite hydrogen production, solar roof development and installation of 6 onshore wind turbines, and expect to complete this by the end of June 2022. The phase 1 development is expected to supply green hydrogen to a significant proportion of over 800 heavy goods vehicles and over 50 forklift trucks that operate within the port daily.

Other Hydrogen Opportunities

We continue to identify further opportunities in the green hydrogen space including early production systems.

Each opportunity is assessed for economic potential, so the optimum assets can be selected to progress to development. The resulting asset funnel passes through a rigorous project maturation process to quantify the highest value green hydrogen asset opportunities for our investment.

What we do

  • Apply geospatial and economic analytics to locate and secure hydrogen sites faster than the competion
  • Production, storage, refuelling at each site

Our ambition

  • Replicate, scale up and diversify, both in the UK and internationally

Port of Shoreham

Port of Shoreham

  • Capacity: >8 tonnes / day
  • Development partner: Shoreham Port
  • 2-year exclusivity on all wind, solar, hydrogen and ammonia
  • High volume anchor customers
    Shoreham Port
    Marine Operations
    Local Industry
Inverness Hydrogen Hub

Inverness Hydrogen Hub

  • Capacity: >8 tonnes / day
  • Development partner: SGN
  • To be one of the first UK cities with commercial H2 production
  • High volume anchor customers
    Buses and Trucks
    Local Industry

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