Best Poster Award at Africa Conference

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We are delighted to announce that a poster co-authored by Inga Sevastjanova, Andy Quallington, Melise Harland and Laura Wilson has won the Best Poster Award at the 14th HGS/PESGB Conference on African E&P.

The announcement was made on 04 September, 2015 at the close of the conference. The poster is entitled “Provenance Assessment of Hinterland Sources for Clastic Sediments in East Africa”. It presents the results of an investigation that tested the two contrasting hypotheses from Stankiewicz and de Witt (2006) and Valdes and Markwick (2004) for drainage evolution in East Africa. One of the key findings was that Cretaceous and Paleocene clastic reservoirs may be present along most of the Tanzanian margin and not just near the palaeo-Rufiji River outlet.

The 14th HGS/PESGB Conference on African E&P was held in London, UK on 03–04 September, 2015. There was a large poster programme in addition to the oral programme of about 25 high-quality talks covering E&P in all regions of Africa. Getech and ERCL staff presented several posters at the conference and ERCL’s Dr Giacomo Firpo gave a technical talk. This annual conference has established itself as being one of the leading technical conferences on E&P in Africa. In recent years, attendance numbers at the conference have reached over 600, including academics and representatives from operators, governments and consultants.

The full list of Africa 2015 award winners is available on the PESGB website.

HGS/PESGB Best Poster Award

HGS/PESGB Best Poster Award