Tectonic Evolution of the North Atlantic, Newfoundland and Labrador
Implications for prospectivity

Opportunities to participate in the exploration of the Atlantic Canada margin are released yearly. Getech’s new Regional Report utilises our unique Global gravity and magnetic datasets to investigate the structural and tectonic evolution of the margin during the phased opening of the North Atlantic and the impact on the petroleum potential of the region.

This report will provide New Ventures explorationists with an understanding of basin development and evolution during the rifting phases of the Canadian North Atlantic. Interpretation of Getech’s unique gravity and magnetic databases are used to generate a structural framework and crustal architecture interpretation, integrated with Getech’s Global plate model. Identification of plays within the basins enable the key issues of source, reservoir and seal to be addressed and are illustrated with gross depositional environment (GDE) maps, play cartoons and play distribution maps.

Key to exploring in this extensive region is to understand how applicable proven hydrocarbon areas are as analogues for the remaining frontier areas, on this margin and its conjugate margin in Europe.



  • Technical reports in PDF format with extensive figures and tables
  • An Esri ArcGIS MXD project and geodatabase v10.x (earlier versions available on request)
  • Plate tectonic model (PaleoGIS and GPlates formats) and plate animations (.mov formats)

All products supplied subject to our standard Licence Agreement (available on request).

Key deliverables

  • Images of Getech’s gravity and magnetic data
  • 1:1 million scale structural framework, fully attributed with fault activation histories, based on gravity, magnetic, SRTM and Landsat data
  • Basin evolution histories
  • 2D gravity and magnetic profile models
  • Crustal architecture
  • Depth-to-basement, depth-to-Moho, sediment and crustal thickness, and beta-factor maps and grids
  • New regional plate model (GPlates and PaleoGIS formats and animations)
  • Reference database of published maps, point data, reports and profile lines
  • Regional source rock evaluation
  • Petroleum systems analysis and stratigraphic lexicon for key basins
  • Gross Depositional Environment maps for key reservoirs and source rocks

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