Software Development

At Getech we have our own Software Development Team that develop new and exciting software products for both desktop and web environments.  With the wide breadth and richness of data that Getech produces, it is important to ally this with bespoke and powerful software that enables the user to interrogate and analyse their data effectively and intelligently.  Our software is designed for use by both our customers and our own staff, and it may take the form of stand-alone windows software, geoprocessing scripts, ArcGIS™ add-ins, or web-based solutions.

The Software Development Team does a lot more than just programming; they are also involved in database design, technical specifications, testing and user interface design.

Examples of our software include the following recent developments:

Workflow Builder

Workflow Builder is a useful tool that allows the user to easily locate and automatically load Getech data based on the type of workflow the client needs to undertake. This might include the following tasks: an analysis of an areas structural framework; an enquiry about the source-to-sink relationships in the hinterland of an asset, or the geological evolution of a new area.

The tool will find and add data to an ArcMap mxd that is applicable to that particular workflow without the user having to hunt down specific datasets (either SDE or File Geodatabase) and apply Getech symbology. The user can then add their own data, or manipulate loaded data as required. Although initially designed for use with Getech’s Globe system, the Workflow Builder can be applied to any datasets.


A screen capture for GetSearch showing the front-end with maps that be dynamically searched by selecting an area. In this case, the search is for northwest Europe to see what gravity and magnetic data Getech hold in that region.


Searching for global datasets in SDE can be time consuming and difficult in ArcGIS™, especially with over 10,000 feature classes and rasters to choose from, that is why we built GetSearch.  With this tool we are able to locate feature classes using metadata or spatially across the globe using a simple and intuitive interface. The system also has a rapid search response time.

Lithofacies Prediction Tool

Lithofacies prediction is complex and involves a large array of input data from our Earth System Modelling, Palaeodrainage and Palaeogeography. The Lithofacies Prediction Tool is a web application that allows the user to select from known lithofacies prediction equations and algorithms to apply raster calculations against Getech’s own data and display the result in various map panes. This makes analysis much easier and more powerful, allowing the user to gain the best understanding of the processes leading to lithofacies deposition, and thereby hydrocarbon prospectivity.



Our internal citation database, Refcite, allows us to record new citation references of many varying types including, books, journals, websites, maps, theses, etc.  We are also able to geo-locate our citations and link them to GIS data.


GetGrid is used for the visualisation and manipulation of data grids. With a primary focus on geophysical data (gravity and magnetics) it provides advanced processing tools with the simplicity of a simple ‘point and click’ interface. The software is developed and supported internally by Getech’s Software Team and is used extensively by our own staff to provide our unique proprietary data analysis services.

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