Landscape Analysis of Borneo

This Regional Report analyses the Present Day drainage and landscape in order to identify evidence for past changes in the river networks and in the surface morphology. Assessing the impact of tectonics and surface processes on the evolution of the landscape helps predict the grain size, type and distribution of sediments into the offshore basins.

The key products of the study are the location of palaeorivers, which carried the sediments into the coastal basins. Pivotal elements from our Structure and Tectonics of Southeast Asia report, based on Getech’s Global Plate Model for the region, have been used as a framework in which we have placed our interpretations.

la_borneo_aoi“…helps predict the grain size, type and distribution of sediments into the offshore basins.

Present Day drainage networks in Borneo.


  • 548 page report with 628 figures and tables
  • Summary wall map
  • An ArcGIS™ mxd project and geodatabase v10.x (earlier versions available on request)

All products supplied subject to our standard Licence Agreement (available on request).

This Regional Report investigates…

…the provenance areas of rivers that have affected deposition in the Baram and Champion Deltas.

…whether the Padas River captured or antecedent, or even a combination of the two.

…how the Mahakam River and its evolution have influenced offshore deposition.

…other specific provenance areas in Borneo known to have provided sands to depositional areas.

…the turbidite sequences from the West Crocker Formation (the Crocker Fan), and whether they are derived from the Schwaner Mountains?

Report Contents

  • Executive Summary and Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results
    • Rajang River (Sarawak, Malaysia)
    • Baram River and rivers of northern Sarawak (Malaysia) and Brunei
    • Padas River (Sabah, Malaysia)
    • Rivers flowing to the Sulu Sea (Sabah, Malaysia)
    •  River flowing to the Celebes Sea (northeastern Kalimantan, Indonesia)
    • Rivers flowing to the Makassar Strait (eastern & central Kalimantan, Indonesia)
    • The Barito River (southern and central Kalimantan, Indonesia)
    • The rivers draining the Schwaner Mountains (western and central Kalimantan, Indonesia)
    • The Kapuas and adjacent smaller rivers (western Kalimantan, Indonesia)
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography and Appendices

ArcGIS™ Contents

  • Cultural data
  • Geotiff images of reprocessed SRTM3 digital elevation model and derivatives:
    • low-pass filter
    • high-pass filter
    • hillshade (from SRTM3 elevation and from high-pass filter)
  • Fully attributed SRTM3 derived 10 km2 resolution stream network shapefile of the study area
  • Fully attributed SRTM3 derived drainage basin (catchment) shapefile of the studied drainage basins
  • Fully attributed palaeodrainage shapefile
  • Shapefile with cross-section locations

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