Geodynamics and Petroleum Geology of the Taoudenni Basin

This Regional Report provides unique insights and data to assist oil companies to reduce their hydrocarbon exploration risks for the intra-cratonic Taoudenni Basin of Mali and Mauritania.

The main potential in this basin lies within the Neoproterozoic Atar Group, with its organic-rich black shales and fractured stromatolitic carbonate reservoirs. This report answers key questions on basin geometry, source rock maturity and hydrocarbon migration; it also address the potential for Paleozoic source rocks and reservoirs.

The report benefits from Getech’s unique gravity and magnetic data, and features 80 previously unpublished well and field sections.

Geodynamics and Petroleum Geology of the Taoudenni Basin area of interest

“…answers key questions on basin geometry, source rock maturity and hydrocarbon migration.”

Outcrops on the margin of the Taoudenni Basin


  • A 361 page report with 178 figures and tables.
  • Eleven enclosures.
  • An Esri ArcGIS™ project and geodatabase.
  • Geochemical model inputs.

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This Regional Report investigates…

…the geometry and structural framework of Africa’s largest intra-cratonic basin.

…the stratigraphic framework of the basin, based on previously unpublished well and field sections.

…petroleum systems of the primary target play: the Neoproterozic Atar Group, which contains black shale source rocks and stromatolitic reservoirs.

…potential secondary Paleozoic sources and reservoirs.

…source rock maturity and hydrocarbon expulsion.

…the hydrocarbon prospectivity of this frontier basin.

Report Contents

  • Executive Summary and Introduction
  • Geophysical Interpretation, including three 2D gravity and magnetic profile models
  • Tectonic and Structural Framework
  • Stratigraphic Framework, including seven stratigraphic profiles
  • Petroleum Geochemistry, including discussion of three 1D and two 2D geochemical models
  • Conclusions and Appendices (including well and field sections)

ArcGIS™ Contents

  • Cultural data
  • Basin outline
  • Well and seismic locations
  • 80 well and outcrop sections hyperlinked to PDFs
  • Images of gravity and magnetic data, derivatives and transforms
  • Three 2D gravity and magnetic profiles hyperlinked to PDFs
  • Structures
  • Eight cross-sections hyperlinked to PDFs
  • Isopach maps for the Devonian–Carboniferous, Assabet El Hassiane/Cheikhia Group and Atar/El Mreiti Group, including mapping confidence polygons.
  • Geological maps

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