Regional Reports

Southern Asia

Geodynamics and Petroleum Geology of the West Indian Margin

This report is an essential tool for companies seeking to understand the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the fascinating marginal basins of western India, including the offshore Indus Basin – Learn More

Structure and Tectonics of Southern Asia

To fully understand the petroleum systems of Southern Asia you must first understand the break up history of Gondwana, the subsequent fragmentation of the Indian Plate during its drift phase, and its collision with Eurasia – Learn More

Geodynamics and Petroleum Geology of the Western Bay of Bengal

This report will enhance your understanding of the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the marginal basins of Bangladesh, eastern India and Sri Lanka – Learn More

Landscape Analysis of India

Analysis of Present Day drainage and landscape to identify evidence for past changes in the river networks, and to understand the impact of tectonics and surface processes on landscape evolution and, ultimately, the petroleum systems of each region – Learn More

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