Regional Reports

Europe, the Middle East and the Arctic

Tectonic Evolution of the North Atlantic, Rockall to Iberia

This region has seen recent renewed interest with licensing rounds, farm-in participation and data acquisition. This new Regional Report on the European margin of the North Atlantic highlights the impact that the structural and tectonic processes have had on the petroleum systems along the margin. – Learn More

Geodynamics and Petroleum Geology of the Circum Arctic

The USGS predicts that the Circum Arctic region contains over 400 billion BOE of undiscovered hydrocarbon resources. This Regional Report features a major analysis of the tectonic framework and petroleum potential of the nine principal basins around the Arctic Shelf. It addresses the key uncertainties for oil companies seeking to explore this vast New Ventures province – Learn More

Source to Sink of the Eastern Mediterranean

Large gas discoveries in sub-salt Lower Miocene reservoirs (for example, in the Aphrodite, Leviathan and Tamar Fields) and ongoing licensing opportunities in the eastern Mediterranean (particularly the Levant Basin) have recently focussed the industry’s attention on the region – Learn More

Landscape Analysis of Greenland

Radar measurements of Greenland’s ice-cap thickness have revealed a sub-ice landscape which Getech has analysed to gain new insights into the hydrocarbon prospectivity of the marginal sedimentary basins – Learn More

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