Palaeodrainage and Provenance Assessment of the
African Equatorial Atlantic

This Regional Report provides an evaluation of the African Equatorial Atlantic margin and fully investigates the palaeodrainage history of the region.

Using our innovative methods of reconstructing the palaeogeology it also assesses the impact that palaeo-climate and palaeo-weathering have had on the likely provenance and timing of sediment input to the offshore basins.

Getech’s Global Plate Model provides the foundation for the African Equatorial Atlantic’s palaeogeographic environmental reconstructions and, combined with the palaeogeology maps, defines the framework for this study.

Drainage and landscape analyses allow the identification of major changes in the drainage networks throughout the Cretaceous and Cenozoic. Climate extracts from Getech’s global Earth system modelling and calculated palaeoweathering allow readers to gain an understanding of the processes that may have influenced both the hinterland of the margin and the type and amount of sediment transported to the offshore basins.

Integration with the palaeogeology allows a prediction to be made of the likely sediment provenance into the offshore exploration regions at any one time during the Cretaceous and Cenozoic.


Key to exploring in this region is the evaluation of drainage reorganisation and the changes in the associated sediment provenance areas (impacted by climatic factors), both of which will have influenced the developing petroleum system play elements.


  • Technical reports in PDF format with extensive figures and tables
  • An Esri ArcGIS MXD project and geodatabase v10.x (earlier versions available on request)
  • Plate tectonic model (PaleoGIS and GPlates formats) and plate animations (.mov formats)

All products supplied subject to our standard Licence Agreement (available on request).

Key deliverables

  • Drainage and landscape analyses of 30 drainage basins and a summary report
  • Palaeoclimate assessment of the region for five key timeslices
  • Palaeogeography, palaeodrainage and digital elevation models for five key timeslices
  • Palaeogeology maps for five key timeslices
  • Sediment yields of each palaeodrainage basin at the five key timeslices
  • Provenance assessment and implications for reservoir quality

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