Getech has released its ArcGIS Pro 3 compatible version of Unconventionals Analyst, an ArcGIS Desktop software extension for simplifying complex unconventionals petroleum well pattern design projects and reserve area evaluations.

Earlier this year Esri released ArcGIS Pro 3.0 to its worldwide user community. This major release enabled Esri to provide three important groups of improvements: significant new geospatial functionality, an update to .NET 6 and improved performance through refactoring the ArcGIS Pro APIs. However, moving to the latest version of Microsoft’s developer platform .NET meant that third-party, application-specific software needed to be updated, to remain compatible.

Getech, the geoenergy and green hydrogen company, has developed many tools that tailor the power of the ArcGIS platform to the needs of people working in energy exploration. One of these products is the popular Unconventionals Analyst, used by oil and gas operators and investors to gain a significant competitive advantage in the onshore unconventionals petroleum sector.

With the latest release from Getech, Unconventionals Analyst is now fully compatible with Esri’s latest ArcGIS Pro version and so continues to provide a host of enhanced geospatial workflows for geoscientists and reservoir engineers to better manage shale oil and gas, coal bed methane and tight sand plays.

Getech GIS Software Product Manager, Richard Webb, explains how the combination of these two new software products can bring real benefits to people working in unconventional exploration: “The unique capabilities of Unconventionals Analyst enable its users in onshore unconventionals development and investment to dramatically cut complex, time-consuming and data intensive well planning and reserve area evaluation workflows. Upgrading the product for use with ArcGIS Pro 3 means that its users can continue to use its powerful capabilities as Esri continues to evolve its market-leading desktop GIS application.”

To learn more about how Unconventionals Analyst can improve your operations workflows and to request a demonstration of the software, please visit: Unconventionals Analyst