September as ever gives the Globe team the opportunity to present their latest progress, developments and enhancements in Globe to our Houston Sponsors. This year was no exception, with the energy and creativity of the Globe and IT groups evident as they showcased the latest Globe release and Globe Tools. In a market where productivity, efficiency and trust in data are paramount to all operators, the increasingly indispensable value of Globe to our Sponsors was demonstrated in clear, unequivocal terms.

Feedback was typically energetic from the Sponsors, with the plate modelling developments in particular coming under close scrutiny and emerging with flying colours (and, of course, giving a few things to go away and think about). Getech’s North America, Gulf of Mexico and Colombia/Venezuela product developments were especially of interest this year, unsurprising given current market trends, though the rest of the Regional Reports series received the same high level of interest that we have experienced year on year.

A close relationship with our Sponsors is a key factor in our success, as are the excellent technical skill set and inquisitive problem-solving nature of our Globe build and management teams. We are all looking forward to showcasing the newest ideas, data sets and exploration tools, conditioned, of course, by our Sponsors’ feedback, in Globe 2016.