myanmarGetech, providers of natural resources exploration data and information expertise, has released an informative and in-depth report aimed at providing insight into the geology of Myanmar and the surrounding regions.

Regional Reports, written by Getech’s expert geologists are designed to give users a wider and greatly improved understanding of their area of exploration. Members of exploration new ventures and asset teams who have access to this report will benefit from understanding the tectonic and geological evolution of Myanmar and the constraints that this has had upon the geology, landscape and river drainage evolution of that country and surrounding region.

The information within the Report was developed using the Getech’s MultiSat gravity and magnetic data and available Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Global Coverage (SRTM3) data.  Constrained by seven modelled two-dimensional profiles, this data has allowed the crustal architecture, plate model and the tectonic evaluation to be evaluated.

A greater understanding of how the sediment entered the offshore basins and their distribution was inferred from palaeogeographic and river drainage reconstructions, augmented by assessment of potential sediment provenance.

The Myanmar Times recently reported that; ‘the exploration activities of international oil and gas companies in Myanmar offshore are continuing as normal despite crude prices falling’ and surveys have started on nearly half of the blocks awarded in the 2013 bidding round. It is an area of great interest to the world’s energy companies.

Getech Director of Sales and Marketing, Jules Cullen explains more about the benefits that her company’s Regional Reports can provide to exploration companies all off sizes; “Our reports are invaluable as they produce new insight into our customers’ key areas of interest. Companies who invest in our reports are often looking for rapid orientation about the geology in the areas they are screening. Other companies want to gain a more detailed insight into the prospectivity of the regions they are planning to explore & develop. But whatever the motivation, all our customers tell us that they refer to our reports repeatedly, as their own thoughts and ideas develop.”

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