Getech, the net zero technology provider and data-led energy asset developer, is pleased to announce that it has expanded the content available on its Maptium platform.
Maptium – your gateway to geoenergy data and insight, provides secure, cost-effective and flexible access to Getech’s unique geoscience and geospatial content. It allows users to visualise and analyse energy and mineral resources information, maximising the value and knowledge of their projects and operations. The platform can be utilised by customers across a wide range of energy transition projects, including geothermal, critical minerals and carbon capture and storage.

The following modules are available to license through Maptium now:

  • Maptium G&M – enhances understanding of the subsurface, using Getech’s world-leading global gravity and magnetic data. The content is used by customers across the energy transition sectors to de-risk exploration, improve efficiency and optimise performance in the delivery of projects;
  • Maptium Sed Cu – provides analysis and insights into the location and economic concentration of sedimentary copper, a metal key to almost every renewable energy solution. The content is used by mining customers to improve prospectivity of their copper exploration projects;
  • Maptium Geodynamics – enables access to Getech’s market-leading plate model and geodynamics expertise to improve understanding of the geologic evolution for an area of interest. The content is used by customers across the energy transition sectors to build a better regional understanding of their projects.

Further information on Maptium can be accessed on Getech’s website:

Meanwhile, a webinar entitled “Introducing Maptium – your gateway to geoenergy data and insight” is planned for 3pm BST on Thursday, 7th April 2022.

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Chris Jepps, Getech’s COO, explains how Maptium helps companies deliver on their net zero goals: “Getech has built up a huge library of data and analysis, used to help its customers to better locate natural resources. With the shift in focus to low-carbon energy and the minerals required to support this transition, Getech has developed Maptium in order to make this valuable content available more widely. With Maptium, customers in sectors as diverse as Geothermal, CCS and Critical Minerals can now benefit from the improved understanding of resource formation that Getech’s unique data provides.”

Further Maptium modules are in development – expanding the platform offering across geothermal, carbon capture and storage and other critical minerals.