Multi-Sat Offshore Gravity

Structural insight for exploration from gravity data, at a fraction of the cost

Using our in-house processing workflow, we combined information from six satellites to create our most accurate & coherent gravity data yet.

We can now provide a global dataset, free from oceanographic effects and satellite track noise, that offers resolution similar to that of traditional 2D shipborne gravity surveys!


Compare 2D shipborne gravity data from an OGA survey (left) to our Multi-Sat Data (right) for the same area in the North Sea, below:

Key Features of our Multi-Sat Gravity Data:

  • Coherent and self-consistent gravity for all offshore areas

  • Reliable solution, even close to the shoreline

  • New global bathymetry compilation to generate robust Bouguer anomaly

  • 1 km grid data for all offshore areas and the world’s 20 largest inland lakes

  • Complements our superior onshore, high-resolution gravity compilations

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