U.S. domestic gravity and magnetic data

Getech’s U.S. domestic gravity data is the most comprehensive and detailed gravity database in the Lower 48 U.S., with over 3 million proprietary stations available.

Together with our magnetic holdings and interpretation services, we offer cost effective exploration solutions across all major petroleum basins and plays.

Contact us for both a quotation and a review of the data we have relating to your prospects. The data are available to license immediately in any standard format.

Regional public domain data (not shown) are used to infill gaps in our gravity data coverage

Getech’s gravity data coverage (in blue)

Regional public domain data (not shown) are used to fill the gaps in our magnetic data coverage

Getech’s magnetic data coverage (in blue)

Gravity and magnetic data are often key elements in the early stages of many exploration programs for oil and gas.

The interpretations help us to:

  • Understand regional tectonics
  • Design seismic surveys
  • Review New Ventures opportunities
  • Image basin architecture
  • Assess and evaluate prospective targets
  • Capture acreage early

Our team of experienced geophysicists and geologists can help you harness the benefits of gravity and magnetic data in your exploration program.

Qualitative interpretation of gravity and magnetic data is primarily a map/image based recognition of:

  • Discrete intrusions
  • Discontinuities/offsetting faults
  • Structural features and styles
  • Tectonic events
  • Basement architecture and terranes.

Quantitative interpretation incorporates all known geological control (e.g. seismic data, well logs, and geological maps) with:

  • 2D profile modeling
  • 3D inversion
  • Depth-to-basement estimates from magnetic data.

A final structure map integrates all these results and presents basement structure, sedimentary faults and their timing, intrusive volcanics, and intermediate horizons derived from 2D modeling.

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