Gravity and Magnetic Data

We have been collating, managing and processing GravMag data for over 25 years. Our global databases, the largest and most extensive in the world, are based on thousands of magnetic surveys and data from millions of gravity stations covering all the continents and continental margins of the world.

Our global databases incorporate all of Getech’s continental-scale compilations of terrestrial data, with satellite and public domain data where appropriate.  Search our interactive map for the gravity and magnetic data you need.

The global gravity and magnetic datasets are the principal geophysical datasets that underpin our Global Plate Model and global structures database. Our strong relationships and links with many organisations around the world, continue to allow us to improve the global datasets and gain access to many high-resolution surveys.

Global GravMag Data fuelling Globe

Gravity and magnetic datasets are used in exploration at several scales

Global Scale

  • Identifying crustal types, boundaries and major lineaments
  • Seeking New Ventures opportunities
  • Testing plate tectonic models

Regional Scale

  • Generating detailed tectonic analyses
  • Creating a structural framework
  • Viewing basin morphology

Basin Scale

  • Designing seismic surveys
  • Delineating volcanics
  • Estimating depth-to-basement
  • Refining seismic interpretation

Global Databases

Our historical continental-scale data compilations started in 1988 when we generated the first regional gravity map of Africa (AGP), incorporating data from all the countries in the region. This project was followed by similar compilations of both gravity and magnetic data for South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Europe.

Our current global gravity database is regularly updated with new country datasets and includes our own reprocessed Trident satellite gravity data over the continental margins.


Global gravity coverage.


Our global magnetic database includes our continental-scale compilations for Africa, South America, China, Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe, and over eight million line kilometres of reprocessed ship-track data.


Global magnetic coverage.

Key Points

  • The standard deliverables for all our gravity and magnetic data are grids and, where possible, line profile magnetic data, along with survey parameters, and location information in images and ArcGIS™ format.
  • Both global databases are being used in our Global Depth-to-Basement Study, which is currently funded by several oil companies.
  • Our team of geophysicists and structural geologists provide both an in-house service to Globe members, and consultancy services to oil companies on how to integrate gravity and magnetic data into their exploration workflow.
  • We have over 3 million proprietary gravity stations for onshore US, which we have linked with public domain data to generate the highest resolution and most extensive gravity database available.
  • By reprocessing the new Cryosat-2 and Jason-1 satellite altimeter data, members of our Multi-Satellite Altimeter Gravity Study are receiving the most accurate, reliable and coherent gravity dataset over all the continental margins of the world.


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