Gravity and Magnetics Expertise

Getech has been collating and processing gravity and magnetic data for over 25 years.  It now has the largest commercially available database of global Grav & Mag data.  This continues to grow, and data are available at a variety of resolutions to address numerous exploration problems in a cost-effective manner.  As a result of this long heritage, the skills and experience developed by our team of 15 potential fields geophysics specialists make us uniquely placed to address the challenges of reprocessing and merging multiple data sets.

The basis of Getech’s database is many thousands of magnetic surveys and millions of gravity stations.  These have been acquired for different purposes, are of varying vintages, with different resolutions and specifications, and archived in a variety of ways.  The careful capturing, editing, validating, reprocessing, standardisation, micro-levelling and linking of these individual data sets is essential to ensure a coherent, internally consistent merged product is ultimately produced.


Example of residual gravity from part of our unparalleled industry-leading onshore US gravity database

These data sets are excellent starting points for our clients’ exploration programs, whether on a global New Ventures, regional screening, or block evaluation scale.  They can be further enhanced by linking and integrating your own data sets on a proprietary basis, and Getech’s extensive experience means we are in an unparalleled position to assist with this.

Our data sets and potential fields expertise form the basis of much of our supporting work, including structural interpretation, plate modelling and depth to basement analysis. This is further strengthened by our ongoing work on satellite derived gravity data in the offshore areas, advanced data processing techniques and focused gravity and magnetic interpretation.  Our gravity and magnetic data pages outline the data coverage we can supply.


Total magnetic intensity for part of China, compiled as part of our Chinese Aeromagnetic Mapping Project

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