GIS (Geographic Information System) is increasingly becoming an essential software tool in all exploration companies. At Getech we have long recognized the power of GIS in Geology, and therefore our spatial databases are provided in this framework and all our staff are trained to use GIS.

Due to the fundamental spatial nature of our data, nearly all the work carried out at Getech is underpinned by GIS. This means that all of our geotechnical staff are experienced and trained in the use of GIS software and methods, including advanced editing, manipulation of spatial data and attribution. We also have a dedicated team of six GIS professionals, who provide advanced level support both internally and to our clients.


Our GIS of choice is ESRI’s ArcGIS™ software, and every member of Getech staff has full access to the complete range of ESRI software product versions and extensions.

ArcGIS Poster

The GIS Team are fully conversant with Python scripting and the use of ArcGIS Model Builder™ to increase the efficiency of our workflows. Wherever we feel the software does not meet our requirements then the GIS developers within our team will create bespoke applications using ArcObjects™ and C#.

The GIS Team have also created a web browser based version of our flagship product, known as Globe Lite, which accesses WMS versions of our Globe data layers to give users a quick and easy way of generating maps for presentations or discussion groups.

Using ArcGIS™ in the Getech workflow

Our geological interpretations are based upon a number of existing data layers such as remote sensing data, gravity and magnetic data and their various derivatives, published and geo-referenced images from literature and geological maps. ArcGIS™ allows the Getech geoscientists to analyse all of the available spatially reconciled data layers to generate new observational and interpretation datasets, including: detailed structural elements, sedimentary basins, gross depositional environmental maps, sedimentary isopachs, etc. All of these are geologically and spatially linked, and the generated datasets form an integral part of Globe.

ArcSDE™ database

All of the data layers that go to make up Globe are stored as feature classes or raster datasets within an enterprise ArcSDE™ database. These data are fully managed to ensure data consistency, accuracy and complete attribution. We also pride ourselves on entering full descriptive metadata to each feature within the database.

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