Getech to attend AAPG and EAGE conferences

By May 25, 2015 July 21st, 2015 No Comments

Getech has stands at both AAPG in Denver (stand 2139) and EAGE in Madrid (stand 171). These will be our first exhibitions since we acquired ERCL, and there will be an opportunity to meet several Getech and ERCL staff at both exhibitions.

At AAPG Getech will have posters on North American unconventionals, the tectonic evolution of East Africa, and the opening history of the Gulf of Mexico. We will be utilising a 48” OmniGlobe to showcase Globe, and demonstrating other Getech products including global gravity and magnetic data, global plate models, palaeogeography maps and Earth system modelling results. Visit us in the late afternoon on the Monday or Tuesday for a chance to try some Coloradan delicacies, including local craft beer! ERCL staff will also be on the INP (Mozambique) stand in the International Pavilion.

Meanwhile in Madrid, at the EAGE, we are presenting papers on improvements to derivative generation methods and aspects of our ongoing Multi-Satellite Altimeter Gravity Programme. We are also sponsoring the International Prospect Centre (IPC), and during the week staff will be in the IPC auditorium to give presentations on the 5thMozambique License Round and on our Global Depth-to-Basement work. We are also hosting an update meeting for sponsors of our Multi-Satellite Altimeter Gravity Programme.